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The Scarlet Lady

So, what’s different about sailing on the Scarlet Lady…!

Scarlet Lady is a cruise ship by Virgin Voyagers, and she is scheduled to be completed in 2020 and it is adult only (18 and over).

Construction started: 31 October 2017
Launched: 8 February 2019
Capacity: 2,770
Crew: 1,160
Decks: 17 in total; 13 passenger decks

Virgin has gone to great depths to create a cruise experience based on feedback from the cruising community coupled with its own expertise and their own worldly knowledge of the travel industry. In this adult playground, you are not a guest and you are certainly not a passenger, but you are regarded as a Sailor on board the ship. The commitment to the environment is very well thought out while offering some of the greatest cruising you could expect to find without cutting any corners.
In general, cruising is based around following three main categories 1. Mainstream, 2. Premium, 3. Luxury. However, Virgin has created its own category “Rebellious Luxe Experience”. All the luxury and creature comforts without the glamour of formal etiquette of cruising in past, casual clothing when dinning for example. No wondering which cutlery to use when eating, you get the picture. It’s a high-end luxury but at a comfortable pace.

One major difference is that there is no buffet service or main dining area, instead, there are 20+ restaurants with bars to whet your culinary appetite with plenty more bars around the decks.

There is no single-use plastic on board and all sailors are given a hard-plastic water bottle which is refillable at the numerous water stations on and below deck.

The juicy bits and what’s included you ask?

  • The Full Board policy is a masterpiece because everything is included there is NO extra charge for any of the restaurants. You have the choice of booking in advance if you so wish, or simply turn up and just wait for a table like walking into any restaurant on land.
  • All Gratuities are included.
  • All service charge is included.
  • Group fitness classes are included.
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi is included
  • No Sure things fees (a sure thing is leaving the ship when it has docked somewhere for example)
  • Virgin have their own Beach Club in Bimini, the Bahamas the only way to get there is via Virgin Voyages and includes a full fun-filled day at the Beach Club or explore the island or simply relax by the beach.
  • It’s 24/7 playground with plenty to do all day and party-all-night with top DJ’s, there is always something to do, so you never have to stop doing what you want to do. 

Cabins if you want to sleep that is

There are five room categories Mega RockStar Suites, RockStar Suites, Sea Terrace, Sea View, and Insider and there are single cabins available too (within these categories there are different levels of rooms). All these rooms are full of plant friendly products and material. These clever cabins automatically conserve energy when you’re not in them, as curtains will automatically close when you are not in the rooms. This helps to block the heat from the sun keeping your room cooler to reduce the use of A/C, to mention just one feature. Also, if you have that very late-night craving (or in the early hours on the morning) then 24 hrs room service is available (from the eateries that are open, again cooked to order), or simply step out and get it yourself.

Dining around and why is there no buffet

Everything is made to order the problem with the buffet is that most of the cruise ship tend to waste up to 30% of the food on offer and Virgin do not believe in wastage whenever possible. All the traditional cruise dining rules are out the window here. Why not have a starter at one restaurant and move on for the main meal at another likewise for your dessert. It’s adults only so it all open until late.


Just to give you some idea of what’s on offer. So here is just a taste of some of the eateries, we don’t want to give too much away.

The Pizza Place – Everything is made fresh and all pizzas are made to order choose from the classics or simply create your own with any of your favourite ingredients (double pepperoni with hot chili’s please).

Razzle Dazzle – Vegetarian food made like nothing you have ever experienced, even makes the non-veg folks eager to tuck in, and from what we hear it’s defiantly worth trying the impossible burger (we will leave this to you to find out for yourself).  Brunch here is also a must as the entertainment is something you will not forget along with the surprisingly infused cocktail which has a very special ingredient.


Geonbae – Korean BBQ at your table, meat fish your choice either have the cooks cook it for you or go old skool and cook it yourself.  The tables here are designed exclusively and patented for this restaurant.

Dock – Mediterranean style mezze and salads, fresh fish and flame grilled skewers made to order, perfect for just chilling and nibbling.

The Galley has numerous food stations including Sushi, Taco bar, Burger bar, Noodle bar, and even a soup and salad bar to name a few, again all made to order.